Saturday, August 01, 2009

Last night, today, doubts about the plan of action

Yesterday, July 31 was the day the Orthodox Church commemorates St. Joseph of Arimethea. (It is also the day, in 1929 that my mother was born. Oh, how I miss her. I can hardly stand taking my boys to the park anymore because it used to be that every time I went to the park with them I would call my mom and we would talk.) So we went to a Name Day party for one of my God Daughters. It was much fun. We didn't get home till late last night.

So far today I haven't done much. Went to the farmers market with the boys. I only bought cauliflower. While there I talked to a native plant dealer. Right now the townhouses I manage are panted with the typical-for-commercial-developments-non-native flowers that have to be replaced every 3 months. It looks sterile. I would much rather have native plants growing wild all over the property. My boss likes the manicured look. So, I talked to this grower and she was able to suggest some compromise plants. I'll gather pictures, makesome drawings and propose it to my boss before next spring. It would be nice to have the right plants to make our townhouses into a butterfly habitat.

Leaving now to go to Home Depot. I have to buy a toilet for one of the apartments I manage. I'll install it this afternoon or tomorrow afternoon.

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Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Matt, my prayers for you as you miss your mother on her birthday......

Native plants would be a brilliant option, but if they attract butterflies, they may also attract bees - would that be a problem with your tenants/boss ?

We have set up a bee garden in school, and we have found that the same plants are attracting butterflies and bees in equal quantities , which is great for us, but may not be so good gort you !