Sunday, August 16, 2009


The last two days were dominated by plumbing problems and other tenant issues andalso no small amount of school work. Totally missed all the Dormition services. But today, Athanasia stayed home to deal with the plumber so I could go to the liturgy at St. Stephen's. We got there a few mintes after 9 thinking we were in time for Orthros and were confused that Orthros was almost over. Then we saw the baptismal candles and understood. The time had been adjusted so a Baptism and Chrismation could occur between Orthros and the Divine Liturgy. There were two people born again today. Many years to newly illumined Damian and Zacchaeus!

It's been too long since we have been to Confession, and because of that we couldn't eat the Body and Blood of Jesus, so we left at the dismissal of the catechumens. After church we stopped at Whole Foods and bought bacon. I'm very excited. Athanasia is cooking it right now.

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