Sunday, August 07, 2011

New Job

Last week I started a new job.  I am learning to be a service technician for a company that installs and services the big machines used in automobile repair shops.  So far, I've installed one hydraulic lift, learned how to sweat copper, rerouted a bunch of oil, waste oil, and air lines, and done a bunch of other interesting things.  I am very grateful for the job.  It is a big change from advertising and property management.  I'm not sure my 43 year old body can take it for more that 5 or 10 years. All of the other techs are younger that 35.  Most are in their early 20s.  Nevertheless, I did astound a couple of them with what they though was a feat of great strength.  Really, it was a feat of moderate strength and much knowledge of the laws of physics.  It's a fun job.  I am getting a chance to do things I've never done.