Tuesday, August 18, 2009

only 11 o' clock in the morning and already got tons done.

Taking a little break right now but so far today:

Cleaned laundry room
Breakfast for two boys
Dealt with tenant leaving trash outside front door
Added water in the pool
Morning prayers (Basil was only a little bit cooperative, even with incense. Although, he did want to hold a prayerbook for a few minutes.)
Dropped boys off at Kidspark
Replaced vandalized exterior light fixture (The police said there has been a spike in petty crime in San Jose.)
Second cup of coffee
Dealt with tenant noise complaint
Met with my boss and the owner of the property about painting and termites

I'm really happy about how this day is going. I think I'll say midday prayers now, and then work on the car a little bit, and then go to the Kelly-Moore, my favorite paint store before I go pick up the boys.

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