Thursday, August 13, 2009

Metor, Swimming Pool, Homework, Vegetables

It is about 2 a.m. and all I can say is What a Day! Read books about Abraham Lincoln and Dinosaurs to the boys. They watched Mary Poppins on iTunes while I read Historiography, They swam in the pool for a few hours while I read Fischer, who slammed my favorite modern historian in the first chapter. Talked with a tenant about a problem. Received some faxes. Sent some emails. Talked with the gardener about over watering. Oh yeah, I fit three meals in there, too. Then more reading to the boys. Then we watched a movie about Homer for my school. Then we drove out into the country to watch the Persiod Meteor shower. It was beautiful. I had never seen it before. Saw the moonrise over the mountains. Saw the Milky Way, which I rarely get to see because of light pollution where I live.

I think regular readers of this site know Athanasia runs a pick up site for Two Small Farms. Because her site has so many customers we get all the organic locally-grown vegetables we can eat for free. Sometimes people don't pick up their veggies and we give them to family and/or friends. Tonight, I tried to give four boxes to my nephew's family. But I learned that they don't eat vegetables. I was only able to press a few heirloom tomatoes onto them. Because it was after 10 (we were on our way out of town to watch the meteors) I didn't think I should try to drop them off at another's house. So, now I have potatoes, strawberries, heirloom tomatoes, onions, cabagges, beets, a collection of the worlds largest cauliflower (one could be the main course of a dinner for 4), cherry tomatoes, and two kinds of lettuce all over my kitchen and dining room. It's really kind of neat to look at. Its like I live on a farm and just brought inthe crops.

I fed some lettuce and beet greens to the chinchilla. Until tonight all he has ever tasted was "chinchilla food" which is a mixture of seeds, timothy hay, and raisins (only two or three each day). He went TOTALLY BONKERS for the beet greens. Then, when he tasted the lettuce he jumped all over the cage and sat up on his hind legs to beg for more. So, even if my nephew's family doesn't eat vegetables, I know someone who does.

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