Saturday, August 29, 2009

Vacation is over. Now, on with life.

Vacation was much fun. Some friends from church, my god daughters and their parents, actually, joined us for a few days of it. We returned to the place we went to in May 2007(read about that 2007 trip here and here.) when Basil Wenceslas was only one, when he didn't even talk: Russian Gulch.

We had a very excellent time. Unfortunately, the night before we left Basil had to get 20 stitches put in his leg from a bathroom accident. And then, he fell and busted open his cheek on the first day we were there.
Then, I think it was the second night, he burned his hand exceeding horribly on a red hot marshmallow skewer. But nought did his injuries reduce his enthusiasm for camping. He, Anselm, and my god daughters played hard the whole time.
They picked blackberries, climbed inside giant redwood trees, chased bunny rabbits and quail, hiked for miles,played in the pacific, explored ocean caves, blew music on kelp trumpets.

I did go to an internet cafe in Mendocino for about 5 hours one day to do homework (I am still way behind. I'll have to decide if I want to try to catch up or just move on from where the class is at now.), but other than that it was all fun all the time.

Today was the beginning of the term brunch for Anslem's new school. It isn't a traditional school as it only meets Tuesdays and Thursdays in support of home school families. Anselm will be using them for History/Geography and Science enrichment. As it turns out, one of the teachers at the school is Orthodox and attends the parish we are visiting tomorrow.

Yes, we are still searching for a parish. Tomorrow we visit St. Basil the Great Church in San Jose. It is in a part of San Jose I've never been in, so I am curious on two counts; what is the parish like (the teacher told me it is "very ethnic" which is something I like) and the lay of the neighborhood by the old mercury mines (I think they've been shut down since the gold rush ended).

The apartment complex is still here and needs constant attention. I've already had to change locks, replace a shower curtain rod, clean the laundry room, and deal with a tenant emergency. As I said, on with life.

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Philippa said...

What wonderful pictures! You have such a handsome and beautiful family Matt. Thanks for sharing them.

I'm glad vacation was good!