Sunday, August 09, 2009

School Update

I just finished my first week of school, and, so far, I am really enjoying my classes at AMU. Among my classmates are a USMC artillery major who is training the Afghani 7th division's artillery, an army captain who is currently fighting in Iraq, a Lt. Col. in the Army Corps of Engineers who is in charge of a long stretch of the Mississippi River, an accountant for a Congressional committee, a chemistry professor who "knows nothing about history but should", a woman who works "in the intelligence area", and the head trainer of space shuttle crews. There are also many high school history teachers in my classes. It seems that some states pay their teachers more if they hold advanced degrees.

I had to drop one class, Seminar in World History. It was just too much work, requiring two 40 page (not counting bibliography and title page) pieces of publication-ready original research. So, I dropped that one. I still have Historiography (which is much fun class) and Historical Research Methods. That is enough for now.

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Phil Ginsburg said...

Sounds fascinating Matt! What school is AMU?

I know you will do fantastic!!!