Friday, July 31, 2009

The Prospects

I made the line thirty minutes. If it takes 30 or more minutes, according to Google Maps, to get there from our address it was not put on the list. We know very little about most of these parishes. We have visited four of them in the past. We have friends in two of them.

One thing that is worth considering is the ancient practice of Christians in Constantinople, that is attending a different parish on every feast day and Sunday. I don't know. Probably not.

The parishes are listed in time order, with the name of the bishop responsible for the parish.

St. Nicholas
Metropolitan Gerasimos
10 minutes

St. Stephen
Bishop Joseph
14 minutes

St. Nicholas
Bishop Benjamin
15 minutes

Christ the Savior
Bishop Joseph
16 minutes

St. Basil
Metropolitan Gerasimos
18 minutes

St. James
Archbiship Theodosios
18 minutes

Archangel Michael
Bishop Maxim
19 minutes

St. Herman
Bishop Theodosios
20 minutes

Protection of the Holy Virgin Mary
Bishop Theodosios
26 minutes


Mimi said...

Good list! Prayers as you make the decision

Philippa said...

The 30 minute rule is mine as well. Any further and one cannot be a part of the parish, as you have experienced.

God be with you both.