Saturday, July 11, 2009

Jerry Brown: More complicated than you think he is

IN federal courts California Attorney General Jerry Brown is opposing Proposition 8, a fundamental constitutional law created by the sovereign power of the People of California and affirmed by the Supreme Court of California. In doing this he disregards his own oath of office that requires him to defend our Law in court. But yesterday, he filed an Amicus Curae brief (.pdf) with the Supreme Court of the United States, asking that Court to hear NRA v. Chicago in order to clear up disagreement between lower courts and decide in favor of the NRA because California, unlike other States has no statutory right to bear arms. Jerry Brown does not easily fit into any box.


Sol said...

Perhaps if Jerry can get the right to bear arms in California, you can get rid of those cats for less than $200 each.

Matt said...

I checked, Sol. In my city there is a law against firing a gun exceptin self-defense, a law against trapping animals without a state trapping license, and a law against killing animals. It is amazing. Who writes these things?