Sunday, July 05, 2009

I Suck

This morning is the fourth Sunday in a row that I have missed the Divine Liturgy. We left San Jose at 8:45 to be in San Francisco by 10. Since none of us could go to Communion this morning fasting wasn't a requirement. So, we stopped to get bagels to eat in the caronthe way. That took much longer than expected. Then cyndi wanted iced tea. Then there was a stop because Basil had to "go poop really bad". By this time we were only in Palo Alto and it was 10 A.M. Liturgy was starting and we were still 45 minutes away from San Francisco. So, we decided to pop into the church in Los Altos hills, the closest English speaking parish. Uh, oh. Everyone is in black suits for a panikhida. We are all dressed in light casual summer clothes. It would be disrespectful to the dead to go in dressed the way we were dressed, so, what next? The Russian-speaking church in Menlo Park? No, its in Russian, or Slavaonic. (I can't tell the difference.) Drive to Saratoga? Would the service still be going on when we got there? Oh, that problem was solved by puking in the back seat. It was 10:30 and we just drove back home. I failed.


Sol said...

I doesn't sound like any of this was due to any failings on your part. Sometimes circumstances prevent us from what we would like to do, even if we think it is what God would like us to do. God already knew the circumstances. He just had a reason for you to experience them.

Mimi said...

I think the fact that you feel badly indicates that you don't suck.

Hugs and prayers.