Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Woops! I Guess I'm A Little Late

Looking around at the Orthoblogs I noice that many have posted the video you will find below. Sorry I'm late. I guess I never got the memo. Anyway, better late than never.


Angels Sing

Spoken intro: no matter what you are doing, spin threads for heaven!

the night so grand and placid,
a star shining over the cave,
the mother sleeping in the cave,
where the angel of Jesus hast been.
the angels are singing,
the sheperds are fluting,
the angels are singing,
the wise bring it forth:
what the nations awaited,
what the prophets had said,
here and now it is announced,
it is announced and brought forth:
Christ, our Redeemer is born!
for the Salvation of us all.

hallelujah, hallelujah,
Lord, have mercy!

Joy, Soul, Passion, Honor, Jesus, Faith, Hope, Salvation, Peace, Repentance, the Lord, Calmness, Love, Charity, Harmony…

God’s peace! Christ is born! Truly, He is born!… let’s renew ourselves, let’s lift up the pillars!

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DebD said...

I don't think you're late...I've only seen it on Fr. Stephen's blog.

Great video, its so joyful.