Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Snow, Doughnuts, and Cub Scouts

This morning after dropping Anselm Samuel off at school Basil Wenceslas and I went up the hill to the snow. We found a meadow - I'd like to say alpine meadow but i don't know what that means - with a goodly amount of snow. It was ankle, so I guess that was three inches. The sun was out so there was lots of steam. Snow in the trees was beautiful. I made a bunch of snow balls for Basil and he enjoyed throwing them at me. When his hands got cold we came home and I bought him 6 doughnut holes at the doughnut shop around the corner from our townhouse. It has been a nice morning. I think we will take a nap now.

Last night at the Cub Scout Pack meeting Anselm Samuel was awarded the Ice Skating Belt Loop and the Outdoor Activity patch. He also won a prize for selling a lot of Christmas wreaths. Pinewood Derby is the next big event. He got his car kit last night. NowI get to teach him how to use the power tools.

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Mimi said...

We have snow here too - a lot actually.