Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A nice evening

Anselm Samuel and I just got home from Royal Hours. This is one of my favorite services. He served in the Altar. He was pretty excited because tonight he got to carry the 4 foot candle and the censer. He had been telling me only this morning how he wished he could carry that big candle. He did a good job. He is in bed now. Bishop Benjamin was there but sang in the choir instead of presiding.

Before your Nativity, Lord, the heavenly hosts looked with trembling on the mystery and were struck with wonder; for you were well pleased to be born as a babe, you who adorned the vault of heaven with stars; and you have been laid in a manger of dumb beasts, you who hold all the ends of the earth in the hollow of your hand; for by such a dispensation your compassion and great mercy have been made known. O Christ, glory to you! Idiomel (Tone 8)

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Mimi said...

Christ is Born! Enjoy the feast!