Saturday, December 13, 2008

British Television (Or, I watched all the bad performances so you don't have to.)

I know the BBC has been in some trouble lately and is probably going to lose the license fee revenue and be forced to go commercial, but I have to say I think they have some of the neatest programing. As a teenager I loved "Doctor in the House", The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, "Are You Being Served" and MPFC. A couple of years ago discovered "Cadfael" and "The Irish P.M." And of course, the BBC version of "The Chronicles of Narnia" is far superior to that produced by Walden Media. And wasn't "I Caludius" a BBC production?

I just found out about another show they have: "Last Choir Standing". WHAT A BRILLIANT IDEA!!!! Choirs of all sorts competing week after week until only one remains. Check out these clips and you tell me if you wouldn't sit transfixed in front of your television for a hour after hour watching them. (Yes, I've been in a few choir. None this good.)

From What I've been able to ascertain,this is a real church choir, and they are good! Choir: ACM Gospel

This Choir is really very good, but they chose music that was to high brow for a what is essentially a game show. Too, bad. I think they were better than the choir that won. Choir: Ysgol Glanaethwy

This is the choir that won. They are good. Very good. Choir: Only Men Aloud!

Now, listen to the perfect unison on the 8th notes and the key changes. This is good choir! Choir: ACM Gospel

This last Choir isn't as good as those above, but I really like the third man from the left on the front row. He looks like he is living this song.

Here is the same choir. Again, watch this guy. (This time he is in the center front.) I know what it is. The barrier between his emotions and the outside world is paper thin. He's like the young Marvin Gaye.

Finally, these are the two performances I enjoyed most. Both are by the ACM Gospel Choir.

A couple of sour notes from a soloist do not ruin this version of my favorite pop song. AND I LOVE THE DIRECOR!!! I just have to dance with him when I watch this.

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