Thursday, January 01, 2009

New year/Circumcision of Christ/St. Basil's Day

Well, not too much to report. Had to do electrical repairs ("hmmm. Where does the white wire go?") around the townhouses on the 31st. That set us back and we missed Great Vespers. Bummed by that. But it turned out okay. Athanasia made ham and lentil soup. (The ham we procured on Christmas Eve has now made more than 30 meals, and there is now soup in the freezer!) We played games. Athanasia and Basil went to bed about 9:45, while Anselm and I stayed up to meet the new year. We played backgammon and Rock'em Sock'em Robots. We drank eggnog (alas not my home made egnogg, but a very good commercially produced eggnog from Strauss Family Creamery. It only has cream, eggs, and spices in it.). We watched the 1951 "A Christmas Carol" staring Alastair Sim on DVD. About 11:45 Anselm popped the cork on the Chandon Blanc de Noirs for me. It shot 1/2 way across the street. Then as we approached the appearance of thet of Christmas Yet to Come anselm became afraid and ran upstairs to bed. It's funny, he has seen two other versions of this story and is not afraid of them, but this one frightens him. It is a very powerful telling of the story. It is the only one that makes me weep, as I did tonight. When the housekeeper says, "A Christmas present? For me?" I just fall apart. Well, happy new year everyone. If you are at St. Basil's Church in San Jose (just few blocks from where I live) for liturgy today you might see me and my family. Good night and happy new year.

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Happy New Year !