Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Happy Theophany

I hope everyone is having a happy Theophany (unless you are old calendar, in which case, Merry Christmas!). Went to church this morning and got our bottles filled. Question: Theologically, Theophany is as important as the Nativity, and it is a Biblical feast, but (most) Evangelical Protestants do not celebrate it. Why? Its not like you have to believe in Holy Water to celebrate the feast. I know plenty of people who deny the Virgin Birth who still celebrate Christmas. Anyway, there is a neat article I came across. Happy Feast Day!


DebD said...

Some Protestant friends of my godmother come just about every year to our Theophany services. They really like it.

Matt said...

Deb, your comment makes me think that maybe they do not celbrate becausewe do not invite them to celebrate it with us. Hmmm. Actually, I hate to admit this, my parish's theophany attendance was a fraction of our Christmas attendence. Maybe the Orthodox should do a better job of observing the day be fore we try to get others to observe it.

Mimi said...

Happy Theophany!

Lovely article.

Greg V. Arthur said...

Matt and Athanasia,
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