Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I am told that this rain we have been experiencing since last night is the remnant of a typhoon. I and, I am sure, all California is glad for it. It has quenched a long and oppressive thirst.

Around noon Basil and I, wearing our yellow rain coats, walked up to the grocery store. Its about 1 1/2 blocks from out front door. I bout a tin of deviled ham and some crackers and milk. I thought the boys might like deviled ham. I was wrong. Oh, well. Live and learn.

On the way to the store Basil cleared any clogged storm drains he encountered. There were many where the water was being held back by piles of leaves. He used a stick to break up the dams and let the water flow. It was fun. On the way to the store the gutters were flooded and water was out in the streets and in some places up over the curb. On the way home all the water was flowing and the water was receding. Los Gatos Creek runs right by the grocer so we walked up to the bridge to see the water from the storm drains pouring into it. Basil was impressed by all the water. He had never seen the creek so high.

After Basil and I got home (Anselm was at home doing math problems while we went shopping) and after I discovered the boys hate deviled ham, I made them hamburgers. They liked those much more than deviled ham.

About an hour ago I saw that the parking lot here at the apartments was flooding. I dressed both the boys in rain gear, rolled up their pant legs and the three of us went out to set up the submersible pump. MUCH FUN!

Well, I have to get Basil down for a little nap, and Anselm has to get ready for a Cub Scout meeting tonight.

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