Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Book for Advent

Sometimes I feel kind of bummed that the Orthodox Church does not have a bunch of extra services during Advent like we do during Great Lent. But other times, like now, when I am thinking about all the activities I have planned for my children during Advent I am grateful that we don't have services every day.

Today I have been thinking about all the books we read aloud beginning on November 15. One of them, which we don't actually start until November 30 is the Gospel presented as 24 stories based on the pictures on Benjamin Bear's Advent Calendar.

Benjamin Bear was tucked in his warm bed, but he couldn't fall asleep.
"When will Christmas finally be here?" he asked Mother Bear.
"You have to be patient, Benjamin," said Mother. "But tomorrow you canopen the first door on your Advent Calendar, and we'll begin our journey to Bethlehem."
"How far is it to Bethlehem?" asked Benjamin.
Mother Bear smiled. "24 stories away!"
"And then it's really Christmas?"
Mother nodded and gave Benjamin a big kiss on the nose.
"Good night, now, little one."

The next night we read the story about the picture behind the first door in Benjamin Bear's Advent Calendar. You can read it, too. Here is where you can buy the book.


Gretchen Joanna said...

Tell me, is Benjamin's Christmas really "24 stores away?" That does sound like a modern Christmas tale. But maybe 240 would be more like it.

Matt said...

Woops! Thanks for noting that. I've fixed it now.