Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Can you say "quid pro quo", boys and girls?

Today I read this...

As ABC News' Capitol Hill Correspondent Jonathan Karl reported, in February, the Senate unanimously approved an amendment restricting bonuses over $100,000 at any company receiving federal bailout funds, but during the closed-door House and Senate negotiations the provision was stripped out and replaced with a measure by Dodd exempting bonuses agreed to prior to the passage of the stimulus bill on February 11, 2009. (Read the whole thing here.)

A few minutes later I read a list of AIG's political donations...

Top Recipients
Senate Dodd, Chris $103,100
Senate Obama, Barack $101,332
(Read the whole list here)

I've never donated money to an out of state senate campaign, but I have $100 for the first person to announce they are running against Chris Dodd.

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