Monday, March 16, 2009

Why do I live in California?

I heard about Braddock, PA on the radio today. I looked at the website. I checked out the concentration of Orthodox Parishes and found 9 within about 10 miles of the town. Then I did a real estate search and found houses so inexpensive that I thought I was looking at typos. But they weren't typos. I was astounded. I even found one 3 bedroom house with "new mechanicals" (Whatever that means. I'm guessing heater and water heater?) that has a price so low I could actually write a check for it and own it ourtright. So, I'm looking at this and thinking "Why do I live in California?"


DebD said...

I heard that piece on NPR too.

Mimi said...

It's warmer?

Tom said...

I wonder that myself about you guys after reading your posts. Why do you? You can hardly get to church because of traffic or parking, the family is always ill for one reason or another and you are frustrated by the general weirdness of things. Try the midwest if you want a range of seasons. Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri all have churches and communities to keep y'all happy....explore baby, explore. The prices for a home are beyond reasonable and you have a choice from plains to mountains. We are enjoying the annual crane migration now.