Monday, July 12, 2010

A Hike

On Saturday morning last I lead Cub Scout Pack 204 on a three mile hike to the lime kilns at Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park. It was a much fun experience. The kilns provided most of the lime for cement used in the construction of San Francisco. They closed down in 1919. The route we took was gorgeous. It was like being in a forest not touched by man since creation. Except, 90 years ago there wasn't a tree within 2 miles of the kilns. They had all been felled to feed the fires. It is amazing how it has grown back.

After the hike Anselm and I stopped by the book store at St. Lawrence Orthodox Church to by some charcoal for the censer. I use the smallest diameter disks they sell and break them in half but they are still too big. The longest service I do at home is Matins and the charcoal is still burning when I am done. I tried to break it into even smaller pieces but that just makes a mess. Also, Anselm got an Icon of the Descent of the Holy Spirit. He was pretty excited. As he said "it's my first major feast icon!"

Then we stopped by our fave grocery store and bought lunch: Figs, peaches, and Pirate Booty.

Then we drove home and I wrote several pages on the history of wine (FYI: Archaeology supports the Noah planting a vineyard story. All evidence points to the earliest wine making operations being in what is now SE Turkey/NE Iran, which is in the vicinity of Mt. Ararat.)

Picture: Anselm is on the right. They are standing in front of one of the lime kilns.

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