Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Beginning to Feel Like Christmas

We had a cool day. I think the thermometer only got up to 75F in San Jose today, and its in the mid 50s now. I couldn't help thinking about Christmas, and hot cocoa all day. So, late this afternoon I went to the library and got this book to read to Basil Wenceslas. (Anselm Samuel is visiting his Aunt in San Francisco this week.) I got choked up by this story about a girl and a doll.

It isn't an explicitly Christian book, but in it we see that doing the right thing isn't always easy, that evil is vanquished in the end, that important things are going on in the world but people are blind to them, and that our lives are not complete when lived for ourselves alone. I might have to buy this book and add it to the Christmas book shelf. Hmmmm. I should probably post a list of all the Christmas books I read to the boys each year.

If it is still cool tomorrow, maybe, I'll make some hot cocoa.

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