Monday, November 30, 2009

St. Andrew's Day

Among the many saints commemorated during Advent is St. Andrew. He beckons us with the words, "We have found the Messiah" And we follow him to Christmas. There are on this day some unusual things that happen. First, we also get to eat fish. Some parishes, including mine, bless tartans on St. Andrew's day. I guess it's because he is the protector and intercessor for Scotland. I think we should consider blessing golf clubs and wingtip shoes, too, on this day.

According Eusebius, Origin said St. Andrew preached in Asia, Scythia, around the Black Sea, and as far up the Volga River as Kiev. He established the Church in Byzantium and installed Staychus there as the first bishop of that little city. Today that bishopric is the Patriarchate of Constantinople. St. Andrew was crucified.

A hymn of praise by St. Nicolai Velimirovic

St. Andrew by the Spirit enlightened,
And the First-called Apostle of Christ,
Proclaimed the Lord day after day,
And baptized people with the Cross.
Like a gardener in his own garden,
Through village and town he walked,
And skillfully grafted wild trees,
Watering them with Living Water,
Until he came to the end of his days,
And saw the Cross awaiting him.
Joyful andrew said to the Cross:
"Greetings,O Cross! God sanctified thee,
Christ Sanctified thee with His body.
O Cross, be though my resting place.
From the dust of the earth, take me;
To God the highest, raise me up,
And let Christ take me from the-
The very Christ Who, because of me was crucified on thee."
Disciple of the holy Baptist,
and apostle of Christ the Savior
O Andrew, first-called star,
By your prayers, help us.

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GretchenJoanna said...

I am far from home at the moment and away from all lectionary calendars, so I didn't notice this feast. How exciting that it is also the birthday of two of my grandsons, and in addition to faith, they have Scottish blood in them! Next year I'll have to include a reminder of the saint with their birthday greetings.