Sunday, November 15, 2009

Feast of St. Matthew

Today, 15 November is the first day of the Nativity Fast, which is often called Advent. It is a fast during which the Orthodox prepare for the Feast of the Nativity of Jesus.

Beginning at sundown today (or the start of Vespers if you were able to get to the service tonight) today and running until Sundown (or the start of Vespers on the 16th) is the Feast of the Apostle and Evangelist Matthew, my heavenly patron and intercessor. In honor of the day, tonight at supper my wife gave me an Icon of the Synaxis of the Saints who have Shown Forth in America. Depicted in the Icon are all of the American Saints standing together, around the edge of the Icon are smaller Icons depicting partsof the Saint's lives. It is very beautiful and has been placed in the Icon Corner.

Anselm Samuel had a fever of 100 so he stayed home with Athanasia, but Basil and I went for a walk after supper. Every day when the sunsetshe says,"Can we go fora night time walk?" He loves them. I don't know why. So most nights, as we did tonight, we go for a walk through our neighborhood in the dark.

Everyone is in bed now but me. It cold out. I think I'll mull some cider and finish this paper I am writing for school.

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