Sunday, November 15, 2009

Catholic match doesn't know what a Catholic church interior looks like?

I clicked on Drudge Report a couple of seconds ago and saw this ad at the top of the page. It is for a Roman Catholic match making company. But look at the picture. Does this look like any Catholic church you've been in? I suppose it could be eastern rite Roman Catholic, but it doesn't even look like those interiors, which, according to my extremely limited knowledge, have a kind of modernist sensibility to them. I zoomed in on the two crosses on the right side to get a good look at the angle of the bottom cross-bar but I can't make it out: One looks diagonaland the other looks horizontal. So, does any one know if this is this picture is the interior of Orthodox or Catholic building?

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Mimi said...

You are right, the only thing that slightly looks Catholic is the stained glass Christ in the middle.