Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Home Schooling

Anselm was supposed to go to Live Oak today for choir, and history & science enrichment but he was coughing, and given the events of Sunday afternoon, I thought I should keep him close.

So, today we worked on Math. All day. My goal was 2 hours math, then we'd do music, then we'd do chess. But he was so slow!!! Basil was always quick to distract and Anselm was always willing to be distracted. It took five hours to get through what should have taken two hours.

We are using ACE math curriculum. I like it a lot. (I used the their curriclum for all of high school.) It works a lot like Kumon but is not quite as repetitive, and includes instructions to pray before the tests.

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Anonymous said...

Well, he is sick isn't he? Give the little guy (and yourself) a break ;-)