Wednesday, September 09, 2009


After a great run with Whole Foods Markets that almost completely restored the value I lost in 2008, I am only holding three stocks.

Linear Technology is a maker of analog components. Their products are in thousands of machines, they have little competition, and the barriers to entry are so high that it is difficult for other companies to get into the business.

Navios Maritime Holdings. This is a shipping company with very little debt and a well pleasing P/E ratio. Because almost all of their ships are dry bulk instead of containers they have the ability to grow at the front end of an economic recovery.

Silver Wheaton Corporation is a silver streaming corporation. Essentially, they bought the rights to the silver coming out of some of the worlds most productive silver mines. They do not own or operate the mines, they just own the silver, and sell it onthe world market. I anticipate that as the dollar declines in value because of deficit spending this Canadian company sitting on a mountain of silver will go up greatly in value.

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