Monday, August 07, 2017

A Bully

Last school year my youngest son, who at 11 years is taller than me, almost as heavy and as strong I am, was bullied by another boy in his school.  Last year I told him to walk away and report the bullying to school staff.   But the bullying continued.  The staff failed to teach the bully to not be a bully.  I believe that contributed to my son being put in mental hospitals last school year.

This summer I taught my son how to fight: First punch to the nose, next punch to the trachea, when the enemy is down kick until he stops moving.  Do not posture.  Do not try to look cool.  The only goal is victory.   The only goal is the defeat of the enemy.   I told Basil Wenceslas that he is no longer permitted to walk away.  He must defeat his enemy.   Today, when I had Basil Wenceslas punch my hands he almost broke them.  His follow through is merciless.

Tomorrow I am meeting with the Principal of the school to warn him.  Keep that bully away from my son or something terrible is going to happen.

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