Saturday, March 03, 2012

The Gates of Hell

I often hear it said that "the gates of Hell shall not prevail" against God's Church.  Usually, I hear it in the context of a temporary set back in the Church, spoken as encouragement from a pastor to a suffering Christian.  But it occurs to me that gates are not a weapon to be broken on the neck of the Church.  A gate never killed anyone.  No.  I think what Jesus had in mind when he said the gates of Hell woud not prevail against his Church was a battering ram.  Yes, the Church is a battering ram, smashing the gates of Hell into oblivion so that it's prisoners can be free.  It is a battering ram driving missionaries into un-Christian lands, lands where they kill Christians but where the gates of Hell will be smashed open.  It is a battering ram, knocking down the gates of Satan's strongholds in my heart.  The gates of Hell can not prevail because the Church is God's seige engine of uncirmuscribed love.  His weapon of truth. But if the Church does not attack the gates will hold, and those trapped in Hell while living on this earth will die and spend eternity in Hell.  If I do not let the Church wage war against the wickedness in my heart I will be found impure on the Day of the Lord.

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