Friday, February 17, 2012

Bob the Builder

The work week is over.  Here is a list of tools I used this week: Bosch roto-hammer, 4 lb mini-sledge, mill file, shovel, Bobcat with front end loader, rebar bender-cutter, dikes, pipe wrench, De Walt 12v cordless drill, assorted Craftsman combination wrenches, 34 inch Pittsburgh (it is made in China) wrench, assorted punches, De Walt 4" angle grinder with diamond blade, Makita 7"angle grinder with flap wheel, De Walt chop-saw with carbide blade, channel lock pliers, Craftsman 1/2" socket set, Craftsman 1/4" socket set,  18 inch Crescent wrench, hex wrenches, Klein insulated screw driver, wire strippers, wire crimpers, Lincoln flux core welding machine, three different prybars (The smallest is one foot long.  The largest is five feet long and weighs 80lbs!), De Walt bench grinder with wire wheel, trowel, rebar tying hook, Milwaukee reciprocal saw, Skill rotary saw.

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s-p said...

That is an impressive list! Last week I used Novell, Excel, Word, Open Office, GIMP, Sony Sound Forge, Camverse Studio, Wacom, Powerschool, DORA and Google. "Steve the Guidance Counselor's" tools are much lighter but not nearly as much fun as "Steve the Builder's".