Friday, January 07, 2011

Money by Religion in America

1. I was surprised to see Orthodox Christiansare so rich.  It hasn't been my experience in the parishes I attend. Must be the other jursidictions.

2. Not surprised by the Jews' wealth.

3. At first I was surprised by the Hindu wealth, but when I thought about it I realized every Hindu I know is a software devolper, car dealer, gold merchant, or real estate investor.  I think their wealth in this country is a function of our immigration policies.

4. Not surprised by Evangelical Christians lack of wealth.  Despite the visibility of a few dozen rich mega-churches and their leaders the vast majority of the Evangelical churches are tiny (fewer then 50 attendees) and poor.

5.  I am shocked by the Mormon numbers.  I had always thought of them as rich.

Larger picture is here.

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