Saturday, January 15, 2011

Chicken & Apple Pot

        I've seen many bloggers blog though cook books but it isn't something I've ever attempted.  But this last Christmas I received a cook book, Casseroles: Comforting and Warming Recipe Ideas as a Christmas present from my boss.  So, I thought, "Okay! Let's blog it!"  
        Tonight we made Chicken & Apple Pot.  It isn't the first recipe in the book, but the thirteenth (on page 36).  The reason we chose it for tonight is that we had most of the ingredients on hand.  The boys and I walked over to the market to buy the needed celery, a yellow bell pepper, and chicken stock.  
        Though U.S. law does not allow for the copyrighting of recipes, I won't reproduce the whole thing here.  I'll just say that apples, onion, and chicken were the main ingredients.  It was very sweet (raw brown sugar, apple juice and honey) and very soupy.  Not like what I think of as a casserole at all. I mean, it didn't include any Campbell's cream of mushroom soup!  There was no cheese in it at all!    
        The boys hated it.  Basil would only eat the chicken.  Anselm ate the chicken and a few of the apple slices, but made it clear that he would rather have eaten something else.  Athanasia and I agreed it was good and that we'll make it again, but I felt bad about all the liquid going to waste.  Next time I'll present the casserole on a bed of rice, which will absorb all the liquid and become very very yummy.  

Make again: Yes
Serve to company: Probably not
Difficuly level:  If you can skin chicken and core apples this is an easy dish to make. 

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DebD said...

it certainly looks yummy. Unfortunately, my family is not the casserole type.