Thursday, May 13, 2010

Merry Ascension!

The Lord has been taken up into heaven, that he may send the Advocate to the world. The heavens have prepared his throne; clouds his ascent. Angels marvel to see a human high above them. The Father receives him whom he holds eternally in his bosom. The Holy Spirit orders all his Angels, ’Lift up our gates, you rulers’. All you nations, clap your hands: for Christ has gone up where he was before.

Lord, at your Assumption the Cherubim were amazed as they contemplated you, the God who is seated upon them, ascending on the clouds; and we glorify you, for your mercy is kind. Glory to you!

As we see your exaltation on the holy mountains, O Christ, the splendour of the Father’s glory, we hymn the appearance, formed of light, of your countenance; we worship your sufferings, we honour your Resurrection, as we glorify your glorious Assumption. Have mercy on us.

Lord Christ, giver of life, as your Apostles saw you borne up on clouds, filled with lamentations of tears of dejection, grieving they said, ’Master, do not make us your servants orphans, whom through pity you have loved as you are compassionate; but, as you promised, send us your all-holy Spirit to guide our souls with light’

From Vespers for the Feast of the Ascensionof the Lord

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