Monday, May 17, 2010


I am being trained to be a reader in the Orthodox Church. So far, the best part of it has been reading the books I was told to buy. Every Tuesday and Thursday I drop Basil Wenceslas off at Kidspark and take Anselm Samuel to LOA, which meets at a church in in SanJose. The church, which is very large, has a cafe. I sit in in the cafe and pray the Hours and Matins from my copy of the Horologion while Anselm is with the other kids doing science and history.

So far, during services at St Nicholas Church I've been allowed to read the life of St. Mary of Egypt, chant the 1st and 3rd hours, and chant the Prayers after Communion. I kind of thought it would be easy, but chanting, I've discovered, is more difficult than singing. I enjoy being useful.

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