Saturday, May 29, 2010

The diet

I struggle with my weight. Even as a child I was overweight. Even when I was in the infantry and excercizing HARD two or three times a day I had to watch my weight. In the past 10 years I've tried three different weight loss diets: Wieght Watchers, South BEach, and the HMR diet. They all failed for what I think of as the same reason: THey were complicated and required a lot of planning.

About 2 weeks ago I read an article about suger and other carbohydrates, that medical researchers are beginning to think that all the sugar and grain Americans eat might be killing us, that the baccon on a BLT might be better for us than the bread that olds it all together.

So I started thinking about that. And I mentioned the storyto my wife who told me about a fired of hers who used to struggle with her weigh until she got reid of all sugar and grain from her diet. Now the friend is svelte and healthy. So I thought about that, too.

And I decided to try to live without sugar and grain. The only exception to the grain rule is Commuion and an occasional bowl of oatmeal. There is no exception to the sugar rule. I don't eat honey. I don't eat maple syrup. I don't even eat sweet fruit, such as oranges, apples, and plums. (Olives and tomatoes are okay). Also, alcohol consumption has been limited to red wine, and no more than a quart of that per day.

So, what do I eat? Mainly, roasted meats and vegetables, boiled potatoes, eggs, beans, and raw vegetables. I eat as much as I want. I eat all the high fat foods (e.g. butter, milk, cheese, and olive oil) I want. And it is much much easier than keeping track of calories or points like the commercial diets wanted me to do. I will not lie and say it has been easy. The craving for bread and pasta was pretty bad the first week. After that it was much deminished. Now I don't even think of it, unless I am in a coffee shop and see a croisant in the display case. I should mention this: it is a little bit inconvenient not being able to eat any prepared foods at all. I mean, if it comes ready to heat and serve you can safely bet it has sugar, corn, and wheat it it.

So, what are the results after two weeks? I have lost weight and, this surprised me, I feel less sluggish and more alert.

Oh, would I recommend this diet for everyone? No. I have unusually low cholestorol. It hovers around 90 and my "good" colesterol number is two or three times my "bad" cholsterol number. I suppose if I had high cholestorol a diet like mine might be dangerous. But it is working for me.

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DebD said...

Sounds very much like Atkins. My sister, her husband and myself started Atkins back in 2002. She lost over 100lbs. I lost 35 (what I needed to loose) and I don't remember how much my BIL lost - quite a bit though. He's now wearing the same size he was in Jr. High (no fair). I've gained back because it's hard to stay with this way of life (WOL) and be Orthodox.

Atkins does do some fruits (more as you reach your intended weight) and fake sugar.

You're right - it is easier than some of the others. If you want to discuss more just PM me over at FB.