Monday, April 06, 2009

Submarine, Beach, Apartments, and Food

On Saturday, Anselm Samuel (Who used to be called "the little boy" on this blog. I miss that.) and I rode a train from San Jose to San Francisco. When we arrived in San Francisco we hopped on the Muni Metro K-line and rode it to the underground Embarcadero station. Then we went top-side and caught the "historic F-Line" to fisherman's warf. Since it was supper time we ate grilled shrimp on slice of Boudin's sourdough bread while sitting on the sidewalk. From there we walked out on to Pier 45, and boarded the USS Pampanito. There we spent the night with a horde of cubscouts. The kids were great. The sub was amazing. The more I learned about what she had done during WWII the less worthy I felt being aboard her. For example, remember the movie, The Bridge on the River Kwai? The sub that rescued some of those POW's was the one we were on. On the voyage from Thailand to Saipan the crew of the Pampanito gave up their bunks to the POWs and slept on the floors. The tour guide told me that 5 of the crew and one of the Australian POWs are still alive.

At one point, Anselm Samuel who was sitting on a torpedo playing Go Fish with some other Scouts asked me, "Daddy, can I stay up till midnight?" I said, "Sure, that was an hour and a half ago." At 2 on Sunday morning we did get to bed but I had guard duty from 5 to 7. Anselm had asked me to get him up for guard duty but I let him sleep an extra half hour, while I did a walk through of the boat. When I woke him I expected him to want to stay in bed but I was wrong. He was up with much enthuiasm. We stood on top of the Pampanito, in the dark, listening to the sea lions barking over at Pier 39. We saw the first freighter leave port just before sunrise. We watched the sun come up over the hills on the other side of the Bay, and quickly and quietly so as to not be conspicuous, sang morning prayers.

By 7 everyone on the boat was awake. We cleaned up, did the flag raising ceremony, and let the Scouts play with the canons (20mm, 40mm, and 5"). Anselm got to control the elevation on the aft 40mm. It was extremely cool.

That was the end of our naval excursion and the planned Cub Scout activities. Anselm and walked from Pier 45 over to the Hyde St. Pier and saw the cable car turnaround. Then we crossed the street and went to breakfast at the Buena Vista. After breakfast we walked to the cathedral. We got there in time for the sermon, but as I had not been to Confession, had missed the Gospel, and had not fasted I didn't go to Communion. Anselm fell asleep on the floor by the choir during the Litany of Fervent Supplication but I woke him in time for Communion. Basil and Athanasia drove up from San Jose. We met them on the street as we were approaching the cathedral. Anselm and I were too tired to stay for lunch so we all drove home.

Once home I took a short nap but had to show an apartment to a potential tenant. As it turns out, it was a good thing I showed the aprtment. We have had a of ov vacancies lately and actually have 3 right now. Thankfully, yesterday and today I've had enough good showings and applicants that I think all are going to be filled by the 25th of April, and the one that will be vacated on May 1 will be filled by May 4.

This morning Anselm was very tired still and didn't want to go to school. I made him go, though I hated doing it. He was crying when I said good by to him this morning. He was crying when I met him at school this afternoon. I bet he had a rough day. His mother gets weepty, too, when she is over tired.

While Anselm was at school I got some stuff done around here. About 10:30 I took Basil to the beach. It was warm enough to strip down and get in the water, and we had a lot of fun. We got back home just in time to pick Anselm up from school, and then I had to take a shower and get ready to show an apartment at 4:30. That went well and now I have a waiting list. (These are the people who want the unit that won't be vacant until May 1.)

I made noodles for the boys' dinner. Athanasia and I didn't eat dinner tonight. It was just too nuts here with tired boys, baths, qualifying applicants, phone calls to references, phone calls to the boss, and laundry. I am going to sleep well tonight.

Oh! I ordred the caviar for Saturday. Can hardley wait. Its funny, but until a few years ago I always thought caviar was salty and yucky. I didn't know that there were different preparations and that the best tasting has very little salt.

Athanasia told me she doesn't want to make the smoked trout dip for Pascha this this year. I know! I was shocked, too. But I am getting over that unpleasant reaction and am beginning to think about what we can make instead. I am leaning toward duck livers in cognac. Or, maybe, a salmon & cream cheese mouse. If we do the salmon mouse, I think, I ought to buy one of those fish shaped molds, don't you think so?

For Christmas, my brother Mark gave me a bottle of Mama Lucia Licor de Cafe he brought back from Mexico (You can't get it in America.), and I've been saving it for Pascha. It has a tequila base so I am not sure how well it would go with vodka in a Black Russian.

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Philippa said...

Matt, Anselm Samuel will always be "the little boy" even when he is 30 and 6 feet 2 inches tall! May I humbly suggest he keep his TLB nickname. That way Basil can become "the littlest boy" (TLSB). :o)

My "little buddy" is now 28 and 6 feet tall, can pick me up and twirl me around! My daughter, who is thrilled to be a half-inch taller than me is still called "peanut" or "chick". She's 23 and whether she likes it or not, she's stuck with it.

As for the cubscout trip, that has to be the coolest trip I've ever heard of! Neato!

I'm jealous you and Basil got to swim! We're still shivering over here.