Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Litugical Calamity Averted!

On Sunday and Monday nights Anselm Samuel served as acolyte during Bridegroom Matins. Monday night, while the deacon and sub-deacon were attending to the incense, and the priest was praying, no one but Anselm noticed that the curtain in front of the Royal Doors was closed when it was supposed to be open. Now I ask you, do you know at what points during the matins service that curtain is supposed to be open and at what points it is supposed to be closed? I don't, and I've even read the rubrics guides. But my son noticed and, according to the Rev. Deacon, Anselm Samuel politely interrupted what they were doing to say, "Fr. Deacon, isn't the curtain supposed to open right now?" A seven year old saved us from liturgical calamity.

On a related note, this is my first time to be able to attend the Bridegroom Matins services during Holy Week. I noticed something very moving-frightening-terrible-fascinating-diverting-arresting last night: Judas held up as a picture of what we are. It isn't explicit but, after describing what Judas did, the prayer asks God to save us from Judas' fate. Why would it do that if each of my sins since baptism are not the same as Judas' betrayal? Thank God for Confession!


Elizabeth said...

Well done, Anselm !
I certainly wouldn't have known that.....

Mimi said...

Good job, Anselm.

And, yikes. Very humbling point.