Friday, June 09, 2017

A Garden

Today Kathleen and my son Anselm Samuel and I put in a garden.  We have three planter boxes, each holds a yard of soil.  So, first we ordered the soil.  It was delivered by a dump truck.  We shoveled it into the boxes.

In the east box we planted sunflowers, lettuce, spinach, and sweet basil.  We left about half the box for pumpkins.

In the middle box we planted sweet corn, cucumbers, purple and green bell peppers, artichokes, and watermelon.

In the west box we planted three varieties of tomatoes and some carrots.

We have for more smaller boxes.  I think they'll each about 1/2 a yard.  Once we get the soil for them we'll plant a variety of squashes and pumpkins.

Update, June 15:  In one of the small boxes we planted summer squash.  Three boxes have flowers for humming birds and butterflies.  Some of these are already pushing through the soil.  We have one more small box left but haven't planted it.

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GretchenJoanna said...

This is fantastic! May God bless...