Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Cocktail of the Week: The Hard Laverne

Lara (She's my girlfriend.) and I were talking about making cocktails tonight.  The problem was a dearth of ingredients.  All we could find was a bottle of super cheap vodka, a carton of heavy cream, and a can of Pesi-Cola. Throw in some nostalgia for 1970 television ( If in heaven we don't meet, hand in hand we'll bear the heat. And if it ever gets too hot, Pepsi Cola hits the spot.) and Voila!  The Hard Laverne was born.

The Hard Laverne

Into a tall glass filled with ice cubes pour:
- 2 oz ice cold cheap vodka (It has to be cheap because niether Laverne nor Shirley could afford the good stuff.)
- 2 oz cold heavy cream
- 4 oz cold Pepsi-Cola
Stir gently. Enjoy.

Gosh, after reading this, don't you want to hear the theme song?  I do!


Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

That looks like a fine and fun drink!

Steve Robinson said...

Actually that sounds almost like an ice cream float with a kick! Add a little coffee and you almost have a designer drink we had in San Diego (they used Kahlua). Horchata and Pepsi (or Coke) and vodka is pretty good too. Good improv!

GretchenJoanna said...

Wow, Matt, you are a creative bartender. I would probably like the drink, as it contains cream...