Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Last night as I was reading The Wind in the WIllows to Basil (though he hears the Christmas chapter every year he has not heard the whole book since he was 2 or 3) we read a description of Badgers underground house.  There was a description of tunnels like roads, many rooms like buildings, and arches.  Mole asked Badger how he had ever built it all, to which Badger replied that he hadn't built it.  Rather it had been built by people of long ago. 

When the chapter was finished I asked Anselm who he thought built badgers house.  He said, "Was it the Romans?"  It was a small thing, just four words.  I was so proud of him.  Then he said something that made me very happy. "I'd like to go to England so I can see the Roman ruins; and Stonehenge, too."

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