Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Do you think Joel Osteen has read this?

"And after he had spoken these things to me, he said to me, "Let us go into the country, and I will show you the shepherds of the sheep." "Let us go, sir," I said. And we came to a plain, and he showed me a young shepherd dressed in a suit of yellow clothes. He was feeding a large number of sheep, and these sheep seemed to be well fed and very frisky, and were happily skipping about here and there.... And the shepherd himself was quit happy over his flock, and even the very appearance of the shepherd was exceedingly cheerful as he was running about the sheep. And he said to me, "Do you see this shepherd?" "I see him, sir," I replied. "This the angel of luxury and deception. He crushes the souls of God's servants who are empty and turns them away from the truth, deciving them with evil desires in which they perish. For they forget the commandments of the living God and live pleasurably in worthless luxury, and are destroyed by this angel, some to death and some to corruption." I said to him, "Sir, I do not understand what 'to death' and what 'to corruption' mean." "Lisen," he said. "The sheep that you saw happily skipping about are those people who have been turned away from God completely and have handed themselves over to the lusts of this world. Among, these, therefore, there is no repentance leading to life, because they have also blasphemed against the Lord's name. For such as these, there is death."

- Hermas (140-154 A.D.)

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