Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Day off.

Well, it after midnight so I guess I should say yesterday was my day off.  I slept through most of it, though.  I have a bad cold that is accompanied by a terrific headache.  I have to be at work at noon.  I hope I am feeling better by then.

I like my job.  It doesn't pay much, at least not now.  I sell cars but there aren't a lot of customers at the moment.  I have been doing okay compared to my peers (I've sold more than any of them this month.) but there seems to be a reluctance by people to spend money.  Perhaps, there is fear of what the future holds for the economy.  I don't know.

The other problem with my job (I don't want this to sound complainy.  I really do enjoy it.) is the hours.  I am at the FIAT studio 50 to 50 hours per week, including Sundays and Saturdays.  And I don't get off work until 9 p.m.  What this means is that I haven't been to church in months.  And I barely spend any time with my children.  I don't know what to do about it.  In the long run, I hope to become a high school teacher so I'll have Sundays and summers off, but right now I just don't see what else I can do.


Jim said...

That is tough! I will pray for you that God sends relief soon!

s-p said...

That is hard. It is nice to have a job (any job these days), but the old "seek ye first the Kingdom and all these things will be added" gets a little/lot gray when faced with feeding your family. I hope you can work toward the teaching job. I just got a "school job" last year and work "teacher's hours". I REALLY like it, but have had to do construction on the side to make ends meet so I work 7 days a week and nights and summers. Hopefully, I can cut back on that some day. Hang in there!