Wednesday, October 17, 2012

My brother, Demitrios.

Since Sept. 24 I've been selling cars for a living.  It's fun but the hours are long, 50 -60 hours per week. I take the bus to and from work.  Late tonight I was waiting for the bus, and it zoomed right past me.  The driver did see me, though.  He stopped half a block past me.  I ran up to the bus and when I got on he yelled at me for not being more noticable.  I yelled at him for not being more attentive.  Then I saw his eyes.  There was something different.  I said, "where to you go to chuch?"  He looked shocked, but said, "St. Nicholas Church, near the Alameda".  I said, "I go to to St. Nicholas Church in Saratoga!"  We apologised to each other, and Demitrios and I had good fellowship, talking about Jesus and his Church, until I had to get off the bus.


s-p said...

What a great story... the fact that you could pay attention in the midst of passion is even greater. Blessings!

Jim said...

That IS a great story! I love it!
....It is funny, though, that a car salesman has to take a bus to work...can't you get a discount on one of the cars :)

Mimi said...

I love it too. One time, many years ago, our priest said when you run into another parishioner outside of church, it is cause for rejoicing.
Thank you for showing us this is the case.