Monday, October 01, 2012

For hot California weather: Cocktail of the Week

As everyone knows, the Oskie is the mascot of U.C. Berkley, and a bruin is the mascot of U.C.L.A.  and a bear is on the flag of the California Republic (AKA The Golden State).  So, to offer refreshment during this hot California weather, here is another cocktail invention of my own.

The Golden Bear

11/4 cup dry white California wine (Mondavi, Almaden or Gallo preferred)
3 tbsp Potter's triple sec (It is distilled in San José, California.)
1/2 cup of crush ice
Orange slice

Put ice, wine, and and triple sec into a pint jar.
Garnish with orange slice.
Drink through a straw.


Mimi said...

I had no idea that triple sec was distilled, clearly I need to learn more about that.
Thanks, this sounds good.

s-p said...

Triple sec is awesome. This sounds like a nice "sit on the back porch and stare at the yard" drink. Thanks!