Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ron Paul: The New Ronald Reagan?

In 1976 Ronald Reagan ran for President of the United States but lost the Republican nomination to Gerald Ford.  Ford was one of the nicest men to ever serve as President.  He was an Eagle Scout, a war hero who charged below decks to fight a fire after the order to abandon ship had been given, a boxer and a football player, and nobody didn't like him.  (Very impressivley, he's one of three U.S. Presidents about whom there has never even been a roumor of adultery.)

After a hard fought campaign for the nomination of the Republican Party, in a geasture of peacemaking and friendship that I think was genuine, Ford invited his opponent for the nomination to speak to the Convention.  In just a few words, Ronald Reagan pointed out that the future of humanity depended on what that Convention did, and on who America chose to be President.  And the feeling in the auditorium, according to people who were there, even the supporters of Gerald Ford who had worked so hard to defeat Ronald Reagan, knew they had just nominated the wrong man.

Gerald Ford lost the general election and Jimmy Carter presided over a national malaise that lasted until 1981 when Ronald Reagan finally moved into the White House.  Ronald Reagan, who summarized his position on the global communist conspiracy with the words "We win.  They lose." was able to cut through all the verbage politicians like to hide behind.  He identified the Soviet Union as an evil empire.  While in office he wrote and published a book on the national sin of legalized abortion.  He saw threats to life and liberty, and he drew a line in the sand.

But line drawers are not often liked.  They are often hated by people who just want to go along and get along.  But sometimes, after sounding the warning, after staying on message year after year, of not getting distracted, even in the face of electoral defeat a line drawer is elected.  Ronald Reagan was one of those men. Ron Paul is such a man.

Ron Paul, is not a lawyer, which means he is not professionally trained to be mealy-mouthed.  His position on communism in America is known.  He says it is wrong.  His position on abortion is known.  He says it is wrong.  His position on the hubris of elected officials is known.  His postion on fiscal irresponsibility is known.  His position on oppressive taxation is known.  His positions on the federal leviathan, on internationalism, on war for money, and on fiat currecny are known.  He says they are wrong.  He won't have to appoint a commission a month like President Obama does before he can say what he thinks is right.  Why?  Because he is 76 years old and has spent his life doing what is right.

And, like Ronaldus Magnus, he has run for President and lost.  He lost but didn't give up.  In fact, he lost twice but did not give up.  And each time he ran the message of small government, human dignity, fiscal restraint, and individual responsibility become more popular.   Ronald Reagan, an actor from California saved America from malaise in 1981.  It is possible that Ron Paul, an obstetrician from Texas can pull America back from the brink of oblivion in 2013.

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Jim said...

I hope someone brings us back from the brink of oblivion in 2013!