Saturday, April 02, 2011

Hair cuts and roly-poly bugs

Basil (age 5), Anselm (age 9) and I are, more or less, deaf from the illnesses of the the past few months.  The doctors say our hearing will return to normal in a few weeks or months, but for the time being, "WHAT?" is oft heard in our house.  All the neighbors must hate us for yelling at each other when we talk.

Today the boys and I walked up the the barbershop and they each got haircuts.  At first, after consulting the "Official Hair Styles for Men and Boys" they both wanted the "Flat top with fenders".  But at the last oment they went with the "Professional".  They both look like a million bucks.

We walked by the dry cleaner and I picked up my clothes.  And then we walked home.  It's nice to live within walking distance of places we like to go.  Just a few days ago we walked to the ice cream parlor for rainbow sherbet.  I hadn't tasted rainbow sherbet for many years.  In fact, I remember the last place I had it before this week..  It was at Swensen's in Sonora.  I was with my parents.  I was 9.  34 years later rainbow sherbet tastes the same as it did then, which is not at all like a rainbow.

Anselm built a tool box out of wood today.  He joined the pieces together with hot glue and nails.  He painted it black and says as soon as the black paint is dry he'll paint his name on it in red.  It is a project for Cub Scouts.  While Anselm was doing that Basil was collecting roly-poly bugs.  Then the two of them built a house for the roly-poly bugs out of moss and twigs.  Basil calls them his pets.

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s-p said...

These are precious and awesome moments. So simple but full of grace. We don't regard them nearly with the sacredness they deserve. Thanks for sharing them.