Saturday, October 23, 2010

A long walk

The boys and I got up this morning and went for a walk.  Our first destination was the bagel shop.  I had a sesame seed bagel with plain cream cheese and a large coffee.  Anselm had a garlic with plain cream cheese and an Odwalla banana strawberry smoothie.  Basil had a plain bagel with plain cream cheese and a chocolate milk.

Next on our agenda was the Farmers Market.  The boys each bought baloons.  It is so neat, the amountof fun they get from baloons.  I bought a beautiful cauliflour and a tub of garlic chive houmous.  From there we walked to the library where we got some fun books for Hallowe'en.  The one I can't wait to read to the boys is The Best Hallowe'en ever. It's by the same woman who wrote The Best Christmas Pageant Ever.  I also got some CDs of Christmas music for a project I am working on.

After that we walked to the 5 & 10 and bought latex gloves for the pickle peppering project, which I am about to begin any moment.

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Jim said...

sounds like you had a nice day!