Friday, March 19, 2010

So busy so busy so busy

A couple of days ago I installed a dishwasher, something I had never done nor hoped to do. As it turns out the dishwasher was 1/8" wider than the space it had to fit into. Also, and I didn't know this, dishwashers do not come with wires or hoses. So I had to cut the cable off the old one, splice the wires together. Then, to make the machine fit into the counter, I had to remove the sound insulation. It fits. It works. No leaks. No electrocution. But, man, is it loud!

Devon, my 20 year old son has been looking for work and getting discouraged by lack of success. I suggested this school for him and he got very happy and applied. He has an appointment with them on Monday to talk about becoming the world's greatest baker. Lord, have mercy on him.

Anselm Samuel, my 7 year old, is zooming through math and handwriting. In the second grade he is easily doing stuff I didn't master until the 4th. He is reading more books for fun, which thrills me. He earned a more advanced chess award from the cub scouts, having earned the first award last year. Sadly, and this is puzzling to me, he has no sense of pitch or rythm. I've never seen anything like it. He can't clap on beat, can't sing in key, can't follow a melody. So, of course, he can't sing in a choir. We let him drop out of the local youth choir this week. I feel sad for him. It is his first failure in life.

My wife is super busy with work, school (2nd Masters degree), Red Cross work and as a mediator for the city of Palo Alto.

Basil Wenceslas, my 4 year old, learned how to operate my cordless drill/driver today. He had much fun changing bits, drilling holes and driving screws in some scrap lumber I gave him to play with.

I was allowed to help sing Matins and the Canon of St. Andrew of Crete Wednesday night. Also, and I was totally shocked by this, the priest asked me to read the Life of St. Mary of Egypt during the service. I'm being trained to be a reader but I didn't expect to read the Life. I don't know if Bishop Benjamin will actually make me a reader or not, but I'm really getting a lot out of the training. I have fallen in love with The Unabreviated Horologion.

With spring here I kind of dread the annual wave of move outs. 1/5 of the residents here have told me they plan on buying houses and moving out in the next two months. Vacancies always weigh heavily on me. Besides that, my boss told me to raise rents. I don't think this market will bear it, but I'll try.

We are looking forward to Holy Week. I am thinking about the memory verse Anselm Samuel worked on this week: We shall reap if faint not. (Gal. 6:9) If you need a good source for caviar for Lazarus Saturday I heartily recommend Markey's.

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