Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Maxine Waters is Nuts

She's also, probably, a Communist dupe. I say this based on her association with World Can't Wait founded by Charles Kissinger a member of the Revolutionary Communist Party, and because I think she's too stupid to be anything but a dupe. But that is a different matter. I say she is nuts because she keeps saying nutty conspiracy things like the CIA starting the crack cocaine scourge in the 1980s and other weird stuff. I challenge you to listen to her questioning the Secretary of the Treasury, who I do not like, without feeling kind of sorry for him. Or look at Ken Lewis' face when he attempts to answer the congressman's nutso questions.


On the 26th of this month she got into it with Representative David Obey. But I think anyone with a memory and an affinity for ceremony will remember when, during the White Water hearings, Waters took to the house floor after one very intense meeting of the committee and verbally attacked one of her colleagues. The House was in an uproar. The Speaker ruled her "out of order" and commanded her to "suspend" several times. But she kept right on talking. Members were calling for the Speaker to have the Sergeant-at-Arms "Put her on her feet" (I don't know what that means but it sounds scary). Finally, the Mace was called for but Representative Waters fled the House before the Sergeant-at-Arms arrived with the Mace.

I'm sure it would be a terrible thing, but sometime before I die, I would really like to see the Mace employed against an unruly Communist Congressman. I bet it hurts really bad. I mean, how much must a 40 inch long collection of ebony rods capped with a solid silver eagle weigh? It must be brutal.

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