Thursday, May 28, 2009

Wow! This week is almost over?

It's Thursday night and I wonder, where did the week go?

I've been dealing with sick family members this week. Ear infections, colds. I had to see the doctor myself on Tuesday for an ear infection. I wasn't going to go but Athanasia talked me into it. She stayed home from work and slept most of today. Fever in the early part of the day but seemed better in the afternoon.

Kind of a bummer Ascension. To celebrate I cooked pork ribs (I make a BBQ sauce out of mustard, honey, apple cider vinegar and tabasco sauce) and Athanasia made potato salad. We had a watermelon for desert but didn't cut into it. None of us felt much like eating. While we were sitting at the table I read all the readings for Ascension and we talked about them.

A funny thing about doctors, they never volunteer the codeine but when I ask, "while you have the pad out, could you also write a prescription for codeine cough syrup?" they always say "Oh yes, of course,his cough is really bad." Anselm Samuel and Basil Wenceslas are able to sleep through the night now without coughing so hard they vomit. I wonder if it is fear of the DEA that makes them not volunteer such a useful medicine?

I went to look at a property above Felron, near loch Lomond. That was the only time this week the boys were out of the house.

I think we are all past the worst of it. Hopefully tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday will be good.

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